Ammonia Safety Guide (colour bound)



The primary purpose of this publication is to provide the reader with an essential understanding of Ammonia as a Hazardous Substance together with a fundamental understanding of the methods of control that have been developed both locally and internationally to keep Anhydrous Ammonia contained solidifying its position as the natural refrigerant of choice.

Anhydrous Ammonia handling ethics have come a long way in the past 20 years but unfortunately there has not been any consistent industry standard adopted by end users or technicians. This is not entirely a bad thing as it allows for innovation and alternate ways of achieving the same thing. What is important, is that we are all doing what is considered to be best practice.

The following publication has been developed through international research, regular discussion with skilled technicians and hands on industry experience, all in the aim to improve the current standards of Ammonia safety in New Zealand.

It is vitally important to be clear that all persons operating Anhydrous Ammonia systems must be proven competent to do so. The Refrigeration qualification alone or time served operation does not necessarily authenticate competency.  

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