Ammonia / Secondary refrigerant monitor.


Satisfying ASNZ Standards 5149.2.2016 Protection of secondary cooling and heating systems.

HBPH-MK2 is a pH sensor designed for the extreme requirements of industrial refrigeration. It is used to measure the pH value of brine in case of an ammonia leak in a heat exchanger. Brine has a pH value of 7, and even for small leaks, the pH will rise to 9-10. The sensor is designed with differential measurement technology that ensures a minimum lifetime of 2 years for the sensor element.

The latest version HBPH-MK2 has an improved and protected universal flat-faced glass process electrode specially designed for tough applications.

- 1" NPT
-Simple wiring with 2-wire measurement technology.
-Measurement range: 0..14 pH - 4...20 mA.
-Differential measurement technology with replaceable salt bridge.
-2 year guarantee of the probe – low maintenance costs.
-Designed with "Semi-flush" design so as to minimise the build-up of dirt on the probe.

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