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“As of today, we have a far more compliant Ammonia system than we ever had before, with Gauge Refrigeration Managements help, we have peace of mind that our Ammonia risk is well managed. We recently had Worksafe NZ compete an Audit on our system and were very happy with the progress we have made.”

John Thompson H&S Manager 

How we helped ANZCO Foods Rangitikei drastically improve their Ammonia risk.

“Prior to Gauge Refrigeration’s initial audit, we were really quite unsure of how we measured up in terms of our compliance and risk, Our Ammonia System although only 15 years old required a full assessment. We engaged Padraic Durham from Gauge Refrigeration Management, at the time he was Chair of Ammonia Technicians Association, his report was comprehensive and easy to understand and showed clear corrective actions based off simple qualitative traffic light system. Our first action was to get the entire team up to speed with the realistic Ammonia hazards, demands of compliance as well as what to do in the event of an emergency. This process empowered our workers and enabled them to assist in the development of our procedures and compliance upgrades. As most can appreciate any capital expenditure takes time to get over the line, Over the past 3 years Paddy has been available to answer our queries in a very timely manner. Recently we also asked Paddy to assist in the development of our Ammonia emergency response planning and with his help we now have a comprehensive plan and proven capability. Using the Gauge Refrigeration’s TARP® format and training for our Management team, they now have underpinned knowledge about Ammonia safety and Emergency Management – Everyone that attended, thought it was exceptional.”

We completed our initial gap analysis audit in 2016 which provided ANZCO with the building blocks to form a plan - a where to next. Throughout the process we were available for further insight, but John, Steve & Hein were able to connect the dots on their own.

Over the last three years, we have been back & forth assisting John in training all there supervisors & key staff in Ammonia Awareness which has given ANZCO a higher level of understanding their risk and how it must be managed - the training really solidified understanding the audits as well as the practical exercises gave them confidence. 

Our sole purpose is to guide you on your Ammonia Safety journey.

We aim:

To deliver the highest caliber Natural Refrigerant Safety Solutions.

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To deliver fun & engaging learner-centric training.


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