Emergency Management.

Providing you with capabilities not documents !

In collaboration with New Zealand Mines Rescue Trust we have developed a Hazardous Substance  emergency response system that fits seamlessly into any overarching emergency management plan.

Providing you with capabilities not documents !

What is it ?

Trigger Action Response Planning (TARP) is a Emergency management solution that allows businesses to manage emergency situations.

Through consultative process & training we will empower your workers to effectively manage any emergency.

Using the training and resource tools we provide;

  • Clear interface between all stakeholders during an emergency.
  • Risk based decision making and parallel planning.
  • Provide optimal situational awareness to all stakeholders.

How does it work ?

To get the most out of TARP we must first understand your operation. We will review your existing capability and provide a comprehensive report for you to implement changes. Once we have your documentation in order, we can train and test your workers to your plan and the resources we provide. 

How much does it cost ?

Our consultation process can be anywhere between a few hours to weeks, it is dependent on the complexity of your operation, please get in touch. 

Our resources & training are prices are fixed however we do not offer them outside of the complete package. We do not offer a product we offer a capability. 

Travel and accommodation exclusive. 

TARP has undergone industry consultation from key emergency response agencies; Fire & Emergency, St Johns, Chemical Industry & The New Zealand Police.


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