What our customers have to say about e-learning

"Recently we had to put our staff through ammonia training and the only person I knew who did this very well, was Padraic from Gauge Refrigeration.  His knowledge of ammonia is vast and he has an engaging presentation style which made him an obvious choice for us.  I was thrilled to hear about his e-learning option which is what we used for our initial awareness training and our staff found it to be engaging and helpful.  The information was pitched just right – enough to make them aware, but not afraid; the feedback we got from them was really positive.  Highly recommended! "

Carol van den Berg -  Goodman Fielder NZ

We understand how difficult it is getting workers in the same room - which is why we established Natural Refrigerant Training New Zealand. 

This is a very cost effective method for inducting workers into the world of Anhydrous Ammonia safety.

Who is this for ?

We accommodate all learners from production, operators, technicians and senior leaders.

How much ?

There are various courses available for individuals and our corporate clients - get in touch with us. POA

Virtual Classrooms

We can offer Virtual Training and Webinars on a variety of Refrigeration Topics, from 101 to advanced diagnosis and safety engineering. 


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