On site Ammonia Operator.

We have introduced the On Site Ammonia Operator training module, so that business who utilize on site staff for general maintenance can ensure that those workers are properly trained to do so. 

Any person who is tasked with maintaining an Ammonia Refrigeration system must be trained to do so.

Operators are generally workers who may start and stop equipment, make alterations to temperature parameters and/or a worker who completes cursory inspections of the refrigeration system. 

This is an entry level role however all workers who may enter a special machinery space or alter the operating conditions of the system, must have the following core skills to complete their work safely;

  1. Basic appreciation of the Hazardous substance and Function of the Refrigeration Process. 
  2. Understanding of the safety critical elements that maintain control.
  3. Understanding of what conditions require specialist intervention.
  4. Understanding of initial actions in an Emergency situation. 

An operator must not perform any interference such as line breaking or circuit maintenance work unless they have received accreditation and proof of competency from an accepted national body. 

Course overview

At its foundations, this course is about grasping the chemical properties which effect the behaviors of Anhydrous Ammonia in our atmosphere. We lean about past incidents and how those very cases have benefited our understanding of how to improve existing standards of design, installation and maintenance. This three day Ammonia Operator module is tailored to suit the demands of the participants such as management roles where we will empower those participants through the administrative process of safely managing an Ammonia refrigeration plant. For general engineering personnel who have been tasked to conduct daily inspections, we will cover how to safely monitor and carry out cursory inspections of the system they operate. We also include emergency situations and prescribed actions for an appropriate response effort. 

This course will cover all the Ammonia theory to be accredited with NZQA 30127v1 together with some very key practical safety skills taught nowhere else but here. 

Who should complete this course?

  • Engineering administration 
  • Health & Safety professionals 
  • Plant operators
  • Refrigeration technicians new to Ammonia
  • Emergency Responders

Hosting requirements:

Operational Ammonia system

  • Board room
  • Projector
  • Whiteboard
  • Rest room facilities
  • Refreshment facilities
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Workers must hold fit test certificates 

NZQA Unit Standard 30127 v1 Credits 6 Level 3

Demonstrate knowledge of anhydrous ammonia and safe practices for its use as a refrigerant.

People credited with this unit standard are able to: demonstrate knowledge of New Zealand legislation, standards and codes relating to anhydrous ammonia and its use as a refrigerant, explain the properties of ammonia and its use as a refrigerant, describe the use and applications of ammonia as a refrigerant, describe the hazards relating to the use of ammonia as a refrigerant, demonstrate knowledge of the procedures and equipment for working with ammonia, demonstrate knowledge of emergency procedures for ammonia.

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