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Ammonia Standards

Arguably regulation and the threat of punitive damages seems to be the biggest impulse to purchase fixed gas detection, on the contrary there is another angle which provides better financial decision making - situational awareness! Most people when they hear ÔÇťAmmonia leakÔ...
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Ammonia Safety Day Auckland 2018 lots of great discussions taking place.Unfortunately very little industry participation which was very interesting since this type of event hasn't occurred in Auckland in decades. Other regions and geographic locations climb over each other t...
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The Fernie incident was a very sad and preventable tragedy. The series of events that took place have solidified yet again that poor management and lack of training can cause serious harm. Our respects to all the friends, families and co-workers. One can only hope their deat...
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Often i have to check my content in regards to what type of picture i am painting in respect to Anhydrous Ammonia, in particular its defamation. More common than not, Ammonia receives a negative stigma from end users due to its hazardous nature, unintentionally I have also p...
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