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Emergency Management for all.

This week we have been luck enough to deliver our Trigger Action Response Planning (TARP) to a team of engineers and Suva Fiji. 

Trigger Action Response Planning was developed by New Zealand Mines Rescue Trust and Gauge Refrigeration Management Ltd  as we saw a large hole in the interface between End user, Emergency Responders and Ammonia Specialists. 

TARP is a Coordinated Incident Management System (CIMS) based approach that is typically left to executive management but can be easily applied and understood by anyone with the right skills. 

Triggered Action Response Planning slots seamlessly under your existing emergency management plan, it is an incident specific response tool that allows you to make risk based decisions & provide optimum situational awareness for all stakeholders involved in your emergency.

TARP has already undergone industry consultation in an advisory session with key emergency response agencies in 2017 which included; Fire & Emergency, St Johns, Chemical Industry & The New Zealand Police.

The idea around the advisory session was to ensure our system was compliant with national guidelines, best practice, scalable standardized, risk based, integrated and of course cost effective to implement. 

It's important that in an emergency, everyone knows what role they play as well as what language to speak to provide good situational awareness for all stakeholders.

We were thrilled with the way the two teams were able to apply the training to achieve positive outcomes. Really happy they enjoyed the training and we look forward to enhancing their abbilities down the line. 

Bulla Vinaka Boys  - Set

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