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Trainers worlds apart join forces to deliver Ammonia Safety day in Cape Town

On the 25th of April Andrew Perks and I delivered an Ammonia Safety day in Milnerton, Cape Town, South Africa. 

The day had received a great turn out given the short notice, Andrew, Jill and Gideon organised a well structured event, all the way down to my extra special name tag. 

I initially provided an insight into New Zealand's past and current Ammonia safety position which is largely very similar to South Africa. The exception being South Africa requires Ammonia technicians to be licenced where as New Zealand requires only but a Ute "Bakkie" and a paint brush. Something we need extensive focus prior to phase out of HFC. 

The venue (The Italian club) was perfect for the classroom presentation of my modified eight hour session which allowed for plenty of topical discussion and questions on both sides of the tables. The outside areas met the needs of respirator training which allowed for plenty of laughter and inspired transformation among some of the learners There was plenty of time for informal and off topic discussion and networking between the coffees and snacks, The food itself great as was the beer cold. (After the training of course) 

The participants although slightly hesitant of my approach were well engaged with the various exercises. I trust they all walked away with a positive experience albeit somewhat challenging comfort zones and abilities. As always, I learned a great deal from everyone there including myself. 

I must specifically thank Marianne Kintzel and James Cunningham for my introduction to Andrew, he is a straight shooter and so easy to deal with. Thanks to all the learners on the day together with Andrew and his team for there exceptional hospitality. 
It was fantastic to meet one of the pioneers in the Ammonia Safety space and I hope to stay in touch with Andrew and Gideon - sharing our knowledge and resources for better training outcomes for our learners at opposite ends of the world.

The flight home was diabolical but i have quickly put that past me and I already miss Cape Town. I cant wait to return to engorge in the food and experience the rich culture and mind-blowing scenery. 

Cheers Paddy. 


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