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Are you ready to work with Hydrocarbons?

Hydrocarbon Training June 2019

Are you ready for Hydrocarbons?

Do you know their properties, their dangers and how to work with them?

Do you have the knowledge, practical skills and experience to safely work with HCs?

If you cannot answer YES to all these questions and more, then this course is the one for you!

Work Safely with Hydrocarbons and Flammable refrigerants.

This course covers the performance criteria of NZQA Unit Standard 29563 - Demonstrate knowledge of flammable refrigerants used in refrigeration and air conditioning industries. (Consent to assess the unit standing is pending) 

Gain knowledge and practical skills to work with Hydrocarbons and Flammable refrigerants, with teaching information from UK, Europe and Australia

The course includes: Half day (1/2) day of online pre-workshop learning with an online assessment to prove the understanding of health and safety requirements

Two (2) days of classroom/workshop based theory and practical learning with end of
course assessments

Learning material coming from UK, Europe and Australia as well as from UNEP. All learning material required for the course supplied.

Hands on training and practical assessment on Hydrocarbon training rigs using Hydrocarbon specific equipment.

This course will give you everything to safely work with Hydrocarbons and flammable refrigerants.

Coffee, Tea and Biscuits and selection of sandwiches, snacks provided. 

Course Cost: $600 +GST 

Location: Auckland June 17th, 18th 2019

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