Independent Ammonia Safety Surveys

Identifying the level of risk within your ammonia refrigeration system
can be particularly difficult to manage, as it is a specialist area which necessitates either a solid understanding of the chemical & specific systems or external consultation. 

We are here to help your buisness  demystify the process & identifty the basics:

What could go wrong? 
How often could it happen?
How severly could it harm your workers? 
How could it harm your buisness? 
What can you do to reduce the impact or eliminate the hazard?

This continuous requirement for any Industrial system should be undertaken an a regular basis to maintain mechanical integrity & reliability, efficiency & performance together with improving the protection of all persons, product, property & not-forgetting the environment from contamination of Anhydrous Ammonia. 

We offer independent Ammonia system audits with an objective approach through logical hands on industry experience and an understanding of not simply the compliance standards but what is operationally safe. 

We can provide an outline of what is required to be on track to compliance as well as an educated risk evaluation in regards to areas which may pose a potential threat to human life, the environment or property.

"I have valued Gauge Refrigeration's expertise, pragmatic reconditions and risk-based guidance immensely and the high quality work (they) have produced and the extensive experience in managing ammonia systems has been of great value to Westland as part of our critical risk management programme." 
Michelle Gillman.